A Disappearing Act

The Balding Curse

Posted on 2017-08-28

One day you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and suddenly it seems like the naturally occurring beauty that covers your head is thinning. You've spent years perfecting your hair style; parting, combing, spiking, gelling, pasting; possibly a large part of your morning routine.

Then it's gone.

Admittedly, hair loss does not occur this suddenly on average, but many men and women that are dealing with it probably have nightmares similar to this. It is genuinely surprising how important those proteins on your head can be to you when you start losing them.

Despite how horribly frustrating and alarming this situation may be, it is incredibly common.

In the US, there are an estimated 35 million men and 21 million women experiencing noticeable hair loss. That is a staggering number when you take the total US population into consideration.

There is a remarkable increase in noticeable hair loss as your age increases. By the age of 35, 40% of men will have visible hair loss. This number increases to 65% by the age of 60 and 70% by the age of 80.

Women do not escape this devastation unscathed either, though the number of occurrences and seriousness is smaller.

We are all losing hair; however, some of us lose it more rapidly than it grows back which is what causes baldness.

Normal human hair loss is considered to be 100 hairs per day while the average head of hair contains 110,000 hair follicles.

Drastic hair loss in excess of these numbers is known medically as alopecia.

Despite common folklore, wearing hats, over brushing and shampooing your hair too hard or too frequently are not proven causes of hair loss.

How does one lose more hair than normal? In order to understand the possible answers to this question, we must first understand what hair is and how it grows.

Read our next post to learn the basics.

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