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Diabetes: Type 1 & 2

The most important idea to understand about diabetes is that there is no cure currently. There are only treatments. Insulin injections simply take place of your normal bodily functions and do not help your body start producing insulin efficiently, or at all.

The two types of diabetes have many symptoms, causes and statistics in common; however, they also very in significant ways.

Type 1 diabetes is the much less common version and is typically diagnosed in children and young adults. This is a lifelong disease caused by your body not making insulin. With type 1, your immune system actually attacks and destroys insulin producing cells in your pancrease. Invididuals with this disease must take insulin every day to stay alive.

Type 2 diabetes is considerably more common and is predominantly diagnosed in individuals over the age of 45 and the elderly; however, you can develop type 2 diabetes at any age. In this particular version, your body does not produce insulin effectively or simply does not utilize it well. Physical inactivity, race and high blood pressure can increase your likelihood of being diagnosed with type 2.

Over time, regardless to type, ineffective blood glucose levels caused by diabetes can lead to stroke, kidney disease, eye problems, heart and dental disease, nerve damage and many other negative side effects.

What are the current way to treat diabetes, and is there a potential cure on the horizon?

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